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What's Happening

*Mar. 17: 9:00 am Worship Service

      Pastors Susan & Patrick Schnieders

*Greeters: Hatti & Verle

*Fellowship: Norene

10:15 pm Afterglow meeting. All welcome!

*Tues: 9:30 am EWOW @ CFC         

*Wed: 7:00 am Bible Study

    6:00 pm Inside Out small group on-line

*Sunday: March 24, 9:00 am Worship Service

    Palm Sunsay

      Pastors Susan & Patrick Schnieders


A reminder during this Lenten season; one of the practices of Lent is almsgiving. Please consider the opportunity to bring items for the food shelf to the church and leave them in the shopping carts at the north or east door or in the green bin by the west door. The food shelf also appreciates monetary donations.


There will be a community-wide ecumenical Good Friday evening service among the local churches. There may be a need for volunteers to assist in the service, including those who may want to be a part of a community choir. Rehearsals to begin in March. Details to follow.


The dates for the spring rummage sale have been chosen. The sale is scheduled for April 12&13, so it’s time to clean out your closets and bring your items to the church.


Pastor Susan is looking to develop an active and vibrant prayer ministry to serve the church and the community. This fellowship would meet regularly to both learn and practice prayer on behalf of the church, community, and each other. If you feel called to serve and grow in this gift to the body, please call/email the church office or Pastor Susan directly ( A first meeting time will be determined by February 29. 


   Mar. 14—Douglas Minteer, Jr.

    Mar. 14—Madelyn Wilaby

    Mar. 15—Herbie Reist

    Mar. 16—Emma Inks

    Mar. 16—Ivan E. Miller

    Mar. 19—Michelle Ryan

    Mar. 20—Mark Seward

    Mar. 22—John Barnard

    Mar. 23—Nicole Hess

    Mar. 23—Jenna Roling

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